Set My Syllabus For Me

I’m currently teaching our sophomore-level modern physics class, which is titled something like “Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, and Their Applications.” We’ve finished with the basics of Special Relativity and abstract quantum theory, and have entered the mad sprint through applications (Union is on a trimester calendar, so classes end next week)– three classes on atoms and […]

King of the Wonks

John Zogby, of the Zogby polling agency gave a talk on campus earlier tonight. I have to say, having heard him speak, that whoever came up with the word “wonk” probably had somebody like Zogby in mind– he had poll numbers for absolutely everything he talked about, and for every single question he was asked […]

Boskone 43

The following will be of interest only to people who were at Boskone, or who for some reason care deeply about what I did there, so I’ll put the bulk of the text below the fold.

Study in Contrasts

Thursday was “Founders Day” at Union, and there were two major speaking events on campus. The official Founders Day address was given at lunchtime by Rev. Peter J. Gomes, the Plummer Professor of Christian Morals at Harvard Divinity School. That evening, there was a second talk, not officially associated with Founders Day, by Chuck D, […]