Amazing Laser Party!

While checking out the official Nobel Prize web site to see when the prizes will be announced, I was surprised to discover that the Nobel Foundation offers little Flash games on their web site. In particular, I had to check out the Laser Challenge site.

Oh. My. God. Maybe it’s just the cold talking, but that has a surreal brilliance to it. It’s basically a sub-Mario walk-and-jump game where your job is to gather supplies for an “Amazing Laser Party” in honor of “Dr. Photon” inventing the “super-laser.” You pick up little CD’s (representing music for the party) and bananas (representing snacks) and try to avoid skateboarders (who steal your CD’s) and little crab-like critters (who eat the food), and occasionally answer trivia questions about lasers. All narrated in just-slightly-off English, in case you forgot that Scandanavia is part of Europe.

Definitely check that out. It’s hilarious.

There are a whole bunch of different games, too– they’re also pushing an immune system game on the front page, but they’ve got lots of others. And hey, they’re offcially approved by the Nobel Foundation, so they must be good…