Two Fermions Walk Into a Bar…

So, in the previous post about symmetry and the difference between bosons and fermions, I threw in a bunch of teasing comments about how the requirement that quantum particles be indistinguishable has surprising and interesting consequences. Of course, I never quite explained what all that was about. Which, I suppose, means I’m obliged to pull […]

You Gotta Believe

A couple of weeks ago, when I bought the new Hold Steady album, I also picked up Sam’s Town by the Killers. I bought it in spite of some pretty harsh reviews, but in the end, I think that The Onion’s AV Club got it right: The Killers have created a batch of easily digestible […]

Fearful Symmetry

I’ve had a chance now to read through the new papers mentioned in the Wolfgang Ketterle post last week, and there’s some interesting stuff there. The second item on the list from the AIP news article, “First observation of Mott insulator shells,” is particularly interesting, as I did some early work in that area when […]

Polling for Dummies

Because I’m a Bad Person, I no longer remember who pointed me to Halfway There’s primer on polling, but it’s really an excellent of the effects of sample size, and why it’s legitimate to project results based on small numbers of interviews. Some important notes from the conclusion: Second, even a poll that is supposed […]

Give the Fat Kid a Break

Gina Kolata in the New York Times today reports on new attempts to blame obesity for the problems of the world: Last week the list of ills attributable to obesity grew: fat people cause global warming. This latest contribution to the obesity debate comes in an article by Sheldon H. Jacobson of the University of […]

You’ve Come a Long Way, Doctor

The Day the Earth Stood Still was on tv yesterday, and we watched most of it because it’s a classic, and because the alternative was bad college football. Kate had never seen it before, and was surprised to find that it wasn’t campy. There is, however, one scene that has become unintentionally hilarious over the […]

Foreign Publication

I got a comment to my recent “Classic Edition” post on peer review asking permission to translate the post into French, and put it on a French-language blog. Needless to say, I was kind of flattered that anybody would think it was worth that much work, so I agreed, and now it’s appeared. Cool stuff. […]