Blogger SAT Challenge Unleashed!

We’re very pleased to announce the unveiling of the official Blogger SAT Challenge web site. “We” in this case meaning “me and Dave Munger, plus some other people who know more about computers than we do.”

The site, run on the ScienceBlogs framework, allows you to view each of the 109 entries submitted to the Challenge, and rate them for yourself hot-or-not style. You can also see the score given to each essay by the expert graders, a fine collection of volunteers who each read a big stack of these things for no other reason than we asked. Thanks again, David Bruggeman, Suzi D, Elisa Davis, Natalie Hudson, Battlepanda, and Lisa.

Click on the link above to go to the front page, or click here to see and rate a random entry.

i-93c8fec500fdfb34cf4b845cd8565330-bloggerchallenge6.gifIf you entered an essay, you can also find it, link to it, and pick up a spiffy little graphic like this one to paste into your own blog. Well, not just like this one, as there was only one 6/6 score, but more on that later…

I’ll have more to say about the Challenge later in the day, but first, go poke around the site a bit and see what you think.

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