SAT Challenge Update

The Blogger SAT Challenge made the front page of Slashdot last week, making a huge spike in the traffic here, and bringin this blog to the attention to this blog– I’ve had a half-dozen emails and comments from students and colleagues who hadn’t seen the blog before.

Of course, after a blitz of posts associated with the unveiling of the Challenge, I pretty much reverted to being the King of the Physical Science Channel, and didn’t post anything more about it. Dave Munger has kept talking about it, though, and has posted a lot of interesting material, including comments on his own essay, an analysis of the essays themselves, and a look at the correlation between the Technorati rank and Challenge grade.

I’m not terribly impressed with the graphs in the last post, but that’s my physics training talking– for social-science data, they’re probably not that bad. The posts are all worth reading, though, if you haven’t already.