Pick a Number, Win a Book


As you can see from the picture, my desk is a mess. Also, I’ve come into possession of a second free copy of Paul Davies’s new book Cosmic Jackpot: Why Our Universe Is Just Right for Life (one is an advance reading copy in trade paper, the other a spiffy new hardback). You can read my lukewarm review, from which you can easily deduce that I don’t actually need to own two copies of this book.

Thus, I am pleased to announce The Offical Uncertain Principles Cosmic Jackpot Giveaway Contest. I will give away one of these two copies to the person who successfully completes the following challenge:

Pick a number.

Leave a comment containing one and only one number (this means you, Jonathan Vos Post). The person with the best number wins the extra copy of Cosmic Jackpot, plus the promotional material included by the publisher.

Contest entries must be received in comments by midnight on Sunday, April 8, 2007. The winner will be announced on Monday, April 9, and will need to contact me with a shipping address to claim the prize. One entry per person, no purchase necessary, void where prohibited.

(Credit where due: Kate actually suggested “Pick a number” as the contest topic. She wasn’t serious, but I actually think it’s kind of appropriate, so here you go…)