Bicycling Report

One of my Christmas presents was a small mileage/ speed calculator for my bike, because there are few activities that can’t be improved by making them nerdier. Thus, I am able to report on today’s ride:

Total Distance: 17.1 miles
Maximum Speed: 23.5 mph
Average speed: 13.4 mph

I’m actually a little surprised by the distance– the bike path route to Lock 8 is longer than I thought. I checked the calibration against the posted mile markers, though, and while the readout is a little high, it’s only off by about 6% (the above numbers are corrected figures).

Why am I posting this? Well, why not? Also, I think it might be amusing to keep a running total of how far I ride over the course of the year. And it will also make me more likely to keep riding on a regular basis, just from pointless machismo…