Clifford Johnson Tribute Post

Here’s a picture of some pretty flowers:


These are from the ornatmental cherry tree in our front yard. Like all the other similar trees in the neighborhood, it’s absolutely exploded over the past week.

Also, I rode my bike a bunch this weekend:

Saturday, I rode down to Lock 8, stopping for a few minutes to talk to another faculty member who was out with a group of students and community volunteers cleaning up one of the preserved locks of the original Erie Canal.

Total Distance: 17.41
Average Speed: 14.53
Maximum Speed: 24.62

Sunday, I went in the other direction on the bike path, and a little farther, stopping just short of the Twin Bridges:

Total Distance: 20.41
Average Speed: 14.35
Maximum Speed: 32.01

The maximum speed is a little higher, because there weren’t any inferior dogs in my way on the big downhill this week. The average speed is lower, because I did a little bit of poking around on side trails.

Year to date statistics:

Total Distance: 81.1 miles
Maximum Speed: 32.0 mph

And here’s a picture of the cherry tree in context: