Ask a String Theorist

First of all, I’d like to thank Chad for the keys to his internet-house for the next few weeks. If you’re here, you know that one of the things Chad believes in (and is quite good at) is using his weblog for the exposition of science for the general public. While I don’t think I can manage any funny dog stories, I’d like to try to follow his example. I have some ideas already planned (such as, god help me, a three part series on the multiverse), but I thought as an initial post here, I’d go straight to the public. What do you want to hear about? Is there some aspect of string theory, quantum gravity or quantum field theory that you want explained? I can’t guarantee that I’ll know the answer or be able to explain it, but I’ll give it a shot or see if I can con get someone I know to try.

(and if anyone I know sees something they’d like to talk about, thus saving me work, give me an e-mail, he says optimistically)