New Toys

Well, I’m back in Texas and just in time for Steve Jobs to introduce new toys I can’t afford. At the risk of turning Chad’s blog into an Apple advertisement, every time I pass an Apple store, it takes significant willpower to not walk out of there with a new iPhone. I find it endlessly amusing to load up my papers on the demo models — yes, I am easily amused. A certain theorist was showing his off at Aspen, too. Well, you don’t want a phone with your iPod? You can now get an iPod touch, WiFi included. 8 and 16 gigs. iPod Nano? Smaller with really tiny video. Old school iPods? 160 gigs now. And if you did happen to spend 600 bucks on your iPhone, sucks to be you. 400 now.

It’s getting a lot harder to convince myself to wait for iPhone 2.0.

Here’s coverage from ArsTechnica and MacWorld.

Update: And the Apple website has now been updated, too.