Well, Chad’s back, and I guess that means that this guest-blogging stint has come to an end (free! I’m free!). I want to thank Chad again for the opportunity to play in his sandbox for a few weeks. I didn’t get the chance to write every post I had planned. Real life — or at least the closest academic imitation thereof — does sometimes get in the way of blogging. Anyways, having seen it from the other side now, this blogging stuff isn’t easy. I don’t know how Chad manages to come up with two or more things to say every day, but I guess that’s why he’s the blogger and I’m the guest-blogger. So, I hope you all appreciate Chad for all the hard work he puts in daily to give us the opportunity to avoid work.

As for my time here, I didn’t have to resort to a guess-the-lyrics post, Lee Smolin or, thankfully, politics. By that measure, I consider it a success. I enjoyed it, and I hope you enjoyed it, too. Maybe we can all do it again some time.