Blog Maintenance Update

You may notice, a couple of posts down, a post with the title “Links for 2007-10-03,” with a bunch of, well, links in it. This was auto-generated by, and is the main reason why I started using that service this week– the idea is to give me a way to collect together the sort of almost-bloggable links that I run across every day and end up leaving as open blog tabs for a week before deciding that they don’t really have enough meat to be a full post, and it’s too much work to cut and paste a lot of them together for a Links Dump. This will tend to include a bunch of EurekAlert press releases and little news squibs from various science publications, along with some just plain weird stuff from around the Web, with one-line comments from me.

The idea here is to guarantee that there will be at least some minimal content here every day, even when I start to get really busy with other stuff, and can’t put in the effort for in-depth blogging.

While I was fiddling around with the blog, I also finally took the time do do a blogroll update. I do most of my blog-reading via RSS these days, so I’ve gotten to be really bad about keeping the links in the left-hand column current. I’ve added a bunch of science blogs that I read regularly, plus a couple of other categories of sites. If I missed anything, or broke any of the new links, let me know.

You should also consider this an Open Thread for comments about the look, feel, and general operation of the site. Is there anything that I should change to improve your Uncertain Principles experience? Leave a comment, and I’ll consider it.