Phyiscs Pictures Wanted

As noted a little while ago, ScienceBlogs has recently redesigned the channel pages on the front page, and they now include images supplied by the bloggers. For example, the doomsday weapon photo that currently graces the Physical Science page is a picture of my lab.

Now, any idiot can take pictures of cute fuzzy animals, but physics pictures are a little harder to come by. So, the corporate masters are soliciting pictures from you, the readers of this blog:

It’s not too hard: the image needs to be at least 465 pixels wide. Readers should send their photos to They should send only photos that they have the rights to (eg, photos they have taken themselves), and they should include a line of text to the effect that we have permission to use their photo on ScienceBlogs. They should also add how they’d like to be credited, and whether they would like a link to appear along with the credit.

People can also send us links to Flickr pages, or tag a photo on Flickr with “Sb-homepage,” and we will find it. They should make sure that the photos are licensed under Creative Commons with an “attribution only” or a “share alike” license.

So, if you have good pictures of physics stuff, send them along, or tag them on Flickr, and help make ScienceBlogs look cooler.