America’s Best Churches

This could easily be a Links Dump item, but it’s so good that it deserves more prominent placement. Inside Higher Ed has a spoof Editor’s Note from an imaginary US News & World Report ranking of churches: In thanking those who took the time to write, I would remind all in the community of believers […]

Stochastic Global Awareness

One of the strangest things about reading a lot of blogs is the way it’s broadened my view of the world. Which is “more or less at random.” I don’t follow a lot of mainstream news sources any more, because they mostly just piss me off, so I end up getting most of my news […]

links for 2007-11-30

Jobs, News and Views for All of Higher Education – Inside Higher Ed :: Spray-Painting Pynchon “The quality of them is not the greatest. This is obviously not a professional tagger,” he said. “English majors and graffiti artists generally don’t seem to be the same demographic.” (tags: silly literature books academia)

Maryland vs. Illinois

The first half of Maryland’s 69-61 win over Illinois was as ugly a half of basketball as you’d ever want to see. It actually resembled our lunchtime pick-up games in some ways– lots of really clever passes being throw to guys who weren’t ready, weren’t able to catch the ball, or just weren’t on the […]

links for 2007-11-29

Lucas: More evidence of the talent gap between the Big Ten and ACC “Instead of the annual bloodletting, otherwise known as the Big Ten/ACC Challenge, maybe a Big Ten/MEAC Challenge would help bolster the ego” (tags: basketball) Spoof London Underground Announcements – Emma Clarke Voiceover and Writer “We’d like to remind our American tourist friends […]

Hateful Talk Radio Update

I generally listen to ESPN radio in my office in the morning, because I like the Mike & Mike show. Unfortunately, they’re followed by Colin Cowherd, who is a world-class pinhead. He’s currently holding forth on the death of Sean Taylor, with his basic position being that Taylor had it coming because he had a […]