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The Bush administration’s dumbest legal arguments of the year. – By Dahlia Lithwick – Slate Magazine “3) Alberto Gonzales: I am forced to put the former attorney general into his own category only because were I to attempt to round up his best legal whoppers of the calendar year, it would overwhelm the rest of […]

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Crooked Timber » » Science, and anti-science, in action The saga of the peppered moth as an example of evolution in action. (tags: biology experiment politics science) Some Road Songs The official government list of songs that mention highways. (tags: music travel US silly society culture) Matthew Yglesias (December 28, 2007) – Predicting CW (Culture) […]

I’m Chad Orzel, and I Disapprove of These Messages

Kate’s parents live on the New Hampshire side of Boston, and we’re down visiting for the weekend. This morning, I went downstairs with the tablet to do my morning blogroll in front of the tv while Kate slept in. I didn’t really appreciate what being this close to New Hampshire meant for television. Oh. My. […]

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Jobs, News and Views for All of Higher Education – Inside Higher Ed :: The Identity Studies for Everyone The latest literary-studies fad: Age Studies. (tags: academia literature) village voice > art > Meet the East Village “It” Couple of Young-Adult Lit by Carol Cooper A profile of Scott Westerfeld and Justine Larbalestier, whose books […]

Pursuit of Perfection

I’m going to be in the Boston area this weekend, visiting Kate’s family, so I will end up watching Saturday night’s Giants-Patriots game with my Patriot-fan in-laws. In case you didn’t know, New England is currently 15-0, and if they win this game they have the chance to be the first team to ever finish […]


In the same basic spirit as yesterday’s knit cephalopod picture, here’s a sign from Takayama that we really liked: I’m not sure exactly why the octopus has punched the fish to the moon, Ralph Kramden style, but Kate and I got a kick out of it. I’m also not sure what it says– something to […]

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The Least Essential Albums Of 2007 | The A.V. Club “Every year produces great music and a nearly equal amount of terrible music. Then there’s the not-so-creamy middle, the albums that have no real reason to exist, but nonetheless find their way to music-store shelves and online music stores.” (tags: music review culture) The Best […]

Top Songs of 2007

Here are the 22 five-star-rated songs that I added to my iTunes library in 2007 (aphabetcal by artist): “Rehab,” Amy Winehouse “Antichrist Television Blues,” Arcade Fire “Open All Night,” Bruce Springsteen & The Sessions Band “Bottom of the Rain,” Buffalo Tom “CC and Callas,” Buffalo Tom “Sly,” The Cat Empire “Gimme Some Motivation,” Delta Spirit […]

Cephalopod Knitmas

One of the highlights of this year’s Christmas haul: knitted cephalopods! That’s an octopus and a giant squid, knitted from spun awesome by my sister’s partner. The tentacles have pipe cleaners (or something) in them, so they’re poseable. They’re currently sitting on top of the tv, but they’re not all that stable there. We’ll find […]

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Changing Courses at the Food Network – New York Times No more Emeril Live, but still more Rachel Ray. (tags: food television culture society economics) Polarization technique focuses limelight Rayleigh scattering off small particles in the atmosphere of an extrasolar planet produces a detectable polarization signal, and allows measurements of the size and composition of […]