links for 2008-01-31

Jacks of Science − Pimp my Hypothetical Home Laboratory “Ever since I saw the painting shown above, I’ve wanted to suffocate birds in my very own home laboratory. As I got older, the desire to destroy life subsided, but the desire for a home laboratory remained.” (tags: science biology chemistry silly gadgets) The Washington Monthly […]

links for 2008-01-30

The Edublogs Magazine : Who Are the Top Edubloggers? “Aseem Badshah has created a listing of the Top Education Bloggers or edubloggers based upon Technorati’s rankings.” This page reviews some of them. (tags: blogs education academia) The Other Side of Graduate Admissions | Cosmic Variance How the faculty at UW’s Astronomy department choose next year’s […]

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Toonish Lite The Warner Brothers cartoon RPG. (tags: silly television comics games) gladwell dot com – the ketchup conundrum The definitive article on ketchup. (tags: culture food history science psychology society) PEDABLOGUE – Behind the Scenes of Rate My Professor A review of every academic’s favorite site. (tags: academia education internet review) Scientists propose test […]

Tiny Trophy for Football Physics

The folks at Physics Central are running a video contest, with the winner getting the world’s smallest trophy: Get your camera out… ’cause the world’s smallest trophy is up for grabs! You could win the smallest trophy ever made, and $1000 of (normal sized) cash in the Physics Central Nano Bowl Video Contest To enter […]

Alternative Beverages

I don’t drink coffee, and never have, but I used to drink a lot of tea. Unfortunately, I suspect that 6-8 cups of Earl Grey a day may have played a role in triggering the Great Stomach Unpleasantness a couple of years ago. Certainly, hot, acidic liquids with caffeine are on the List of things […]

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illuminating science » What should we learn? “should we teach the “standard” methods for doing multiplication and division (the usual multiplication (“carry the 3″ etc) and the usual long division) or are students would be better off learning more “intuitive” methods?” (tags: math education academia science society) Natelson Group: Useful Links Learn solid-state physics with […]

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Senators Scrutinize Well-Endowed Colleges :: Inside Higher Ed :: Jobs, News and Views for All of Higher Education There are too few smutty headlines in academia… (tags: academia economics politics US) Sorting Out Science » Blog Archive » Carnival of Space, Week 38 — The Adventures of Shorty Barlow, Private Eye A hard-boiled blog carnival… […]