Hey to Bristol Instruments

Last week, I made an oblique mention of an equipment failure, and commented about the positive experience I had in dealing with their engineers on the phone. I carefully avoided naming the broken product or the company I was dealing with, out of some obscure sense of blogging ethics.

I shipped the broken item off to them, and on Friday got an email telling me it was fixed:

Don’t ask me what exactly we did; but after some alignment and
power-on-power-off, it seemed to come online and give proper readings.
Perhaps the power surge mentioned in your blog hung up some logic gates?

I did a double-take at that paragraph, then again a little later on, when the final paragraph was a direct follow-up to the blog post linked above. It turns out they read my blog.

Anyway, I got a big package late yesterday, which turned out to be my repaired wavemeter in a paper towel box, and when I hooked it back up this morning, it’s working perfectly (after a little tweak of the alignment).

So, many thanks to the folks at Bristol Instruments. It looks like I won’t be scrounging up the money to buy a new wavemeter from them this year, but dealing with them was a great experience, and they’ll definitely be at the top of my list the next time I’m looking for a wavemeter.