Let’s Zen!

Wow. I’m cranky today.

I really need to be more Zen about things. Here’s a picture to meditate on:


This is the famous “Crane and Turtle” garden at Konchi-in in Kyoto. It’s one of very few gardens absolutely known to have been designed by the great garden-desing master Kobori Enshu, out of the huge number of gardens attributed to him. It’s really quite lovely– I’m not sure the picture does it justice, but we spent a pleasant while looking at this while waiting for a tour of their art collection.

There, I feel better already.

One thought on “Let’s Zen!

  1. I won a small Buddha keychain from this very blogger through his “guess how many photos I will take in Japan” contest. It now hangs from my rear view mirror, and counsels me to patience and acceptance when traffic leaves me cranky.

    I don’t always listen to him. But I do try.

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