Email Passeth All Understanding

The other day, the Dean Dad remarked on one of the quirks of academic technology: Last week I saw another iteration of something I still don’t really understand. People who are perfectly civil in person are often capable of firing off incredibly nasty and hateful emails. Sometimes they’ll do that with cc’s all the way […]

links for 2008-07-31

Cassini instrument confirms liquid surface lake on Titan ‘”We can see there’s a shelf, a beach, that is being exposed as the lake evaporates,” Brown said.’ (tags: astronomy science planets news space) Prelude to the Higgs: A work for 2 bosons in the key of Z “The properties of the ZZ diboson make its discovery […]

Ethics in Science Fiction

A colleague emailed me yesterday with the following question: As I have mentioned the other day, [Prof. Firstname Lastname] of Comp. Sci. is putting together an exciting course “Can Computers Think?” (Intro to Comp. Sci.), and she hopes to use Sci Fi short stories (and movies, and TV series) to bring ethics into the course. […]

links for 2008-07-30

The Nature of Glass Remains Anything but Clear – “David A. Weitz, a physics professor at Harvard, joked, “There are more theories of the glass transition than there are theorists who propose them.”” (tags: physics materials science) Medium Large It’s back! Maybe the best Web comic going. (tags: comics internet silly) Game Over: Scrabulous […]

Songs of the Moment

Currently in heavy rotation at Chateau Steelypips (links to “Do the Panic” by Phantom Planet. I’m a sucker for the “Ba ba ba” chorus… “Sequestered in Memphis” by the Hold Steady. “We went to some place where she cat-sits.” I had to Google that. “Glad It’s Over” by Wilco. “I hate you one hundred […]

Reader Request: LHC

In the Reader Request Thread, Ian asks: I’d like to hear what you think we’ll learn (if anything!) when the LHC comes online next month. Well, that sort of depends on the time scale. I’m not a big accelerator guy, but my sense from reading the blogs of people who are is that we’re not […]

The New York Times on Glass

I tagged this for, but on reflection, it deserves better than to be buried in a links dump. It’s so rare that the New York Times notices physics that doesn’t cost billions of dollars, that Kenneth Chang’s article on glass deserves its own post. Peter G. Wolynes, a professor of chemistry at the University […]