What Humanists Think

Last weekend’s post, The Innumeracy of Intellectuals, has been lightly edited and re-printed at Inside Higher Ed, where it should be read by a larger audience of humanities types. They allow comments, so it will be interesting to see what gets said about it there.

I may have some additional comments on the issue later, but it’s a little hard to focus while going crazy waiting for FutureBaby.

(There’s also a tiny chance that this will be noticed by some of my colleagues, which could be interesting. I know that some of them read the Chronicle of Higher Education religiously, but I’m less certain about IHE.)

(IHE is vastly superior, in my opinion, and I’m not just saying that because this is the second time they’ve published something of mine… While there are occasional glitches, Inside Higher Ed is generally less pompously whiny than the Chronicle, and does at least acknowledge that science and engineering are academic subjects…)

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  1. I was entertained by the fact that IHE thought those were IMAGINARY conversations with your dog. 😉 We all know Emmy wrote the book and you only edited it.

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