The Metastable Xenon Project

Over the past several weeks, I’ve written up ResearchBlogging posts on each of the papers I helped write in graduate school. Each paper write-up was accompanied by a “Making of” article, giving a bit more detail about how the experiments came to be, what my role in them was, and whatever funny anecdotes I can think of about the experiment.

If you haven’t been following the series, or would just like a convenient index of the posts, here’s the complete set:

So, if you’ve ever wanted to know why they gave me a Ph.D. in the first place, there’s your answer, in great detail.

I may or may not continue this with an explanation of the work I did as a post-doc, on Bose-Einstein Condensates in optical lattices. That work is a good deal more technical, though, so it’ll take some doing.

4 thoughts on “The Metastable Xenon Project

  1. Yes, thank you very much for writing these. Very interesting for someone such as myself still in high school, wondering what might be ahead.

  2. Great post! If I didn’t suck at math (because of my ADD) I would be a scientist, instead of a artist. Ultracold Collisions sound really intresting. We all grown up with the fact that collisions of things normally heat up. On a side note I was pondering the idea that Time and Space are the same thing, but I can visulize it but i cant prove it with the math….

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