SteelyKid Says…

“Donate to my dad’s DonorsChoose challenge, or I will pop you right in the mouth!”


“Bang! Zoom! To the Moon!”

You don’t want to mess with her– she’s fierce. So please give generously.

For those keeping track, the current tally, at the time of this typing, is $4,887. Or, for the figure you really care about, that’s $1,113 before I have to dance like a monkey.

That offer has brought in a little over $3,000 since last Wednesday, which is pretty impressive. There’s been nothing at all since late Saturday night, though, so we may have tapped out the monkeyphiles.

One thought on “SteelyKid Says…

  1. Cough up the dough or we’ll medically disassemble this child and use its organs to extend the lifespans of old people suckling Medicare and Social Security. You are paying for your own torture either way. Break now or it will bankrupt you.

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