The Monkey Dance

As has already been noted by people with too much free time, my DonorsChoose challenge stands at $6,254. This is a big jump, and happened because somebody emailed to ask whether a donation of theirs had been counted; when I logged in to check, I found that there was $715 in account credits, which I believe are donations that didn’t get made to a specific project. I’m not sure how that happened.

Anyway, even though I’m not sure of the origin of those (it’s possible they’re left over from last year), I put them toward the current challenge projects, because it seemed the honest thing to do. If somebody out there would like to kick in $750 so as to exclude the possibility that I just put myself over the top, please, feel free.

Otherwise, I commend to you the other ScienceBlogs challenges, which are similarly full of good and deserving projects in search of funding. If your charitable impulses remain unsatisfied, please give them money– between the lousy economy and the non-participation of some bloggers who were part of last year’s drive, the haul is a bit lower than it might be.

And watch this space for monkey dancing. It’ll be a little while, as I’ve got other stuff to do first, but I’ll try to get the video done in the next week or so.

3 thoughts on “The Monkey Dance

  1. Sorry (well, at least a *little*) for prompting the Scalzi-glee.

    At least it’s close to Hallowe’en. You should have less trouble finding a monkey suit, if you’re planning that..

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