DonorsChoose Wrap-Up

It’s now November, so the annual DonorsChoose fundraiser is officially over. According to the official leader board, at the time of this writing, ScienceBlogs has raised just under $30,000, from 302 donors, funding projects that will help 9,810 students. Those numbers may increase in the next day or two, as I think a lot of people have yet to allocate their share of Seed’s contribution.

(The overall total is down a good bit from last year’s $69,000, but given the cratering economy and the election sucking all the air out of the room, that’s probably to be expected.)

Many thanks to everyone who gave. Even if it does mean that I’ll have to humiliate myself on video– the Uncertain Principles challenge clocked in at $6,285, in first place among participating ScienceBlogs. We even gave the theorists a good run, despite their much larger readership.

You’ll get your monkey-dancing video in a couple of days. Movie Maker now deigns to recognize all the clips I need, so I can do the editing I want to do. I’ve got day-job stuff to do today, though.

One thought on “DonorsChoose Wrap-Up

  1. Congratulations, Chad! Thanks to you (and your readers) for your support of so many teachers and students across the country. We’re all looking forward to seeing that video…

    – The Team

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