Thursday Space Commander Blogging 010109

Captain’s Log, Stardate 010109
USS BabyPod
Space Commander SteelyKid reporting


“Our mission to explore the dining room is progressing well. It is almost time for Baby Blogging, and–“

“Commander, sensors have detected a ship!”

“On screen!”
“What the heck is that?


“It’s an alien space raider! Battle stations, everyone! Prepare for evasive action!”


“Hard to starboard!”


“Now back to port, and blast ’em! Eat laser death, space monkeys!”


“Ha! Got ’em! Well done, everybody. This sector is now safe for babykind.”


“A job well done. Mr. Sulu, you have the conn. If anybody needs me, I’ll be in my quarters, taking a nap.”



(Yes, this may well be the dorkiest thing I’ve ever posted. But her little activity seat thing that she got for Christmas really does look like some sort of command chair for a baby space exploration mission…)