Back From the Dead

The ScienceBlogs upgrade is now complete, so I’m typing this in an entry box that looks different that it used to, and my text is appearing in an ugly font. There are no clearer indications of progress, at least as defined by the software industry.

I had had big plans to get out in front of things by researching and writing some quality blog posts this weekend. Unfortunately, Chateau Steelypips was swept by some sort of stomach flu bug, about which the less said the better. To give you an idea of my condition, though, at one point I started to pick up the Donald Westlake book I’m re-reading, then said, “No, that would require too much concentration.” All I could do was lie on the couch and watch godawful football games.

And today, I have to do a ton of class prep for the week ahead, which means no quality new blogging just yet. So, instead, consider this an Open Thread for posting suggestions of features you would like to see added to ScienceBlogs now that we have ugly fonts on the back end. How can we serve you better?