Moses Viney

This week was Founder’s Day at Union, one of the three big academic-procession events of the year (the others being Convocation in the fall, and Commencement in June), and this year’s event had a clear theme about race and equality, with the keynote speech being given by James McPherson on Union’s connection to the abolitionist […]

Wire Like a Physicist

One of last year’s physics majors is spending the year in rural Uganda working at a clinic/ school there. He’s keeping a blog, which is intermittently updated by western standards, but remarkably up-to-date given where he is. This week, he blogged about putting his physics education to use: I have been doing a lot of […]

links for 2009-02-28

Setshot: Basketball for the Aging and Infirm: "That guy is better than he looks": Appearance vs. ability "Here’s a topic I think about all the time: What factors most affect opinions about players’ skills, and by what process do those opinions change? In pickup basketball, there are often unknown players rotating into the playing roster. […]

All Courses Are Not Created Equal

The Dean Dad is annoyed with the New York Times, for an article about how the recession is affecting the humanities. The whole piece is worth a read, but he singles out a quote from the former president of my alma mater: Some large state universities routinely turn away students who want to sign up […]

links for 2009-02-27

362 – Greek To Me: Mapping Mutual Incomprehension « Strange Maps ""Has there been a study of this phrase phenomenon, relating different languages on some kind of Directed Graph?” Well apparently there has, even if only perfunctorily, and the result is this cartogram. When a Hellenophone has trouble understanding something, his or her preferred languages […]

Thursday Baby Blogging 022609

For this week’s Baby Blogging, SteelyKid shows off the latest look for the baby on the go: In this picture, she’s all set to face a busy day at day care. She’s in her car seat, with the dangling toys on the handle (Left to right, a rattling snail, a butterfly with crinkly wings, and […]

What Do You Do Well?

ScienceWoman offers a good discussion question: You are in a room with a bunch of other female faculty/post-docs/grad students from your university. You know a few of them, but most of them are unfamiliar to you. The convener of the meeting asks each of you to introduce yourself by answering the following question: “What is […]

Bacon: Is There Anything It Can’t Do?

Prior to SteelyKid’s arrival, the “Pasta with Butter, Sage, and Parmesan” recipe from Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything had become one of our staple recipes. It’s dead simple to make, we always have the stuff on hand (I’ve been planting sage in pots outside for the last couple of years), and it’s very tasty. […]