Academic Poll: Mind Like a Steel… Thingy

Today is the first day of Spring term classes, which means there’s one obvious question to ask: What am I forgetting? I’ve spent the last few days alternating baby duty with frantic class prep, and I think I’ve got everything ready. I’m bound to be forgetting something, though. So what is it? What’s the thing […]

Final Four Thoughts

Last week, the more annoying yelling heads on ESPN and its affiliates were all making a big show of brushing off the complaints of NCAA fans who felt the tournament was missing something due to the lack of a “Cinderella” team from a small conference making it to the round of 16. This was just […]

links for 2009-03-30

The Washington Monthly "I wonder why people are so angry about bonuses. Do they hate the rich? Do they want to punish success?Are they eaten up inside with resentment? Do they just not want to admit that some people work harder and are more talented than they are? Or could it be one too many […]

Social Media and the Animal Kingdom

I’m putting the finishing touches on Monday’s lecture notes when the dog comes into the library, looking concerned. “Shouldn’t I be doing something to promote the book?” she asks. “Since it won’t be out for another nine months, I don’t think it’s that urgent.” “But aren’t there more Internetty things I could be doing?” “Well, […]

links for 2009-03-29

Optics basics: Young’s double slit experiment « Skulls in the Stars "As I’ve so far been restricting my ‘optics basics’ posts to discussions of fundamental concepts related to optics, it might seem strange at first glance to dedicate a post to a single optical experiment. What will hopefully become clear, however, is that Young’s double […]

“Will He Need Oxygen?”

Twenty-five-ish years ago, my father and I went on a fishing trip in the Florida Keys with a very dear friend of the family, who had been going their for years. I’ve written about him before, because he had a severe case of polio shortly before Salk’s vaccine was developed, and needed a good deal […]