Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Humorous Status Updates

Chad Orzel now knows more than he would like to about the loathsome political views of some old acquaintances.

Chad Orzel is pretty sure the people in question don’t read the blog, or at least won’t know he’s talking about them.

Chad Orzel is grateful for the feature that allows him to stop receiving those updates.

Chad Orzel really wishes he had better killfile options, though.

Chad Orzel longs for a Fire Upon the Deep style sentient AI killfile.

Chad Orzel also wants better tools for distinguishing spam comments from slightly off-kilter real comments.

Chad Orzel has nothing substantive to say, so he’s resorting to posting blatant filler.

Chad Orzel is pretty sure that nobody is reading blogs on a nice day like this, anyway.

Chad Orzel is off to buy lawn care products, and get lunch at Five Guys.

Chad Orzel : Mmmmmm…. Five Guys.