Talk to the Paw

There’s an interview with me, plus bonus comments from Emmy, over at Paw Talk:

Words of advice for fellow pet owners?

If you’re looking to get a dog, I’d recommend visiting your local animal shelter, as you can find lots of great dogs there. And take walks with your dog– every now and then, I see people who just leave their dogs penned up in the yard, and that’s just sad. Get out, see the neighborhood, and get a bit of exercise. Yeah, it’s a drag sometimes, especially when it rains, but it’s better for both of you.

Emmy: Treats. Lots and lots of treats. Also, don’t trust the squirrels. They’re up to no good.

They are, as the name would suggest, a pet-oriented site, but they’re starting to do more with science. In addition to talking to me and Emmy, they’ve recently posted an interview with fellow ScienceBlogger “Evil Monkey” (who is much nicer than the pseudonym would suggest. He’s a big ol’ softy, really…). They’ve also got an interview with Matt Young, lest you think this is all some product placement deal with Seed.

So go check ’em out. And watch out for those squirrels– they’re sneaky little buggers.