As noted last Friday, I spent the weekend in Chicago with a bunch of friends from college, which kept me pretty busy– some golf, ridiculously upscale steaks, improbably located Cajun food, a Cubs game (5-2 Cubs over Cardinals), ribs, and live blues music (from Joanna Connor and Duke Tumatoe). I think that’s pretty much everything that you need to do in Chicago, save for pizza. I probably would’ve gotten pizza, had I had a later flight.

Anyway, I had a really good time. Of course, this was all taking place in the context of a Darwinian program to evolve a better brain by pickling the less fit neurons. I think there may be a flaw in our reasoning, there, but I’m not sure exactly what. The relevant cells appear to have gone missing.

The point being, I’m beat, and not functioning at my highest level today. There’ll probably be some user-generated content opportunities here later, but don’t expect deep and substantive physics blogging.