Links for 2009-08-31

LOLSaints | Saints with a Smile Even religious iconography can be improved by strategic misspelled text. (tags: religion blogs culture silly pictures art history) Making Light: Flash of insight: swift, blinding, pointless “Saints were the Pokémon of the Middle Ages.” (tags: history culture art religion television games kid-stuff silly making-light) Flickr Photo Download: Mythical Creatures […]

55 Weeks in 120 Seconds

Here’s some cute to get your Sunday off to a good start: the first 55 weeks of Thursday Baby Blogging pictures strung together into a movie showing the growth of SteelyKid: (Thursday of week 20 was Christmas Day, and there are limits to even my geekery. I don’t know what happened to Week 41.) It’s […]

User Poll: What Should ScienceBlogs Add?

The Corporate Masters are considering some steps to take ScienceBlogs more in a community/ social network/ Web 3.14/ whatever direction, and have asked us our opinions of various potential features. I have opinions on the subject, but they’re ultimately less important than the opinions of you, the readers. So here’s an attempt to generate some […]

Links for 2009-08-29

slacktivist: Vincible GooFiness “Set aside the edges of the bell curve — the innocent fools and the diabolical Becks and Limbaughs and the rest of their kind. The vast, vincible middle is constituted of people who, like the GooFies, are to some degree simultaneously innocent victims and deliberate charlatans, simultaneously deceived and deceiver. They don’t […]