Obsessive-Compulsive Poll: Light Switches

i-c8c91722d6cafe899905341ba9df2f3c-light-switches.jpgI’m doing better today, but still a little wobbly, and trying to conserve my energy for the Bruce Springsteen concert tonight. Thus, a poll:

Imagine you have a light switch box containing multiple switches, like to one at right. These switches control lights in adjoining areas of the house– say, the living room, and the light on the stairs up to the bedrooms. At least one of these switches is part of a pair– say, there’s another switch at the top of the stairs controlling that light.

The question is this: when you go to bed at night, turning off all the lights, what should the position of the adjacent switches be?

This poll has nothing at all to do with my own weird compulsions. Nope. Nothing whatsoever.