Donors Choose 2009: What Would You Pay to See Me Do?

SteelyKid has a bit of flu, so we’re all a little discombobulated in Chateau Steelypips. I’m going to be trying to get a full day’s worth of work before noon, which won’t leave room for much blogging.

But here’s something for you to think about/ comment on: the day after tomorrow is October 1, which means another year’s DonorsChoose blogger challenge. Last year, I famously got $6,000 in contributions by offering to dance like a monkey, but I’m not sure what would follow that. So,

What should I offer to do if I manage to reach the overall challenge goal of several thousand dollars in total contributions?

I’m obviously not going to do anything illegal or immoral, but I’m willing to sacrifice a little dignity for a good cause, as you can see at the link above. So, what can I offer to do that would get you to donate money to help school kids through DonorsChoose?

There will, of course, be some smaller incentives for individual donors, including advance copies of How to Teach Physics to Your Dog. But what should I offer as an overall incentive for meeting the overall challenge goal? If you’ve got an idea, leave me a comment.