Joshua Rosenau Deserves a Medal

I’ve grown thoroughly disgusted with most of the science-vs-religion stuff in blogdom, mostly because my views on the matter are kind of moderate, and don’t fit well with the rather extreme positions taken by most of the bloggers and commenters who focus on this issue. This dooms me to either being ignored, or called names as some sort of collaborator, and I have better ways to spend my time, so I’ve pretty much given up on being an active part of those… discussions.

I do occasionally feel guilty, though, as if I’m letting down my side (well, my part of the squishy middle) by not speaking up more in favor of a relatively moderate position on religious issues. There are a number of people out there still fighting the good fight, and I feel like I ought to be giving them moral support, even if I can’t wade in.

So, in that vein, I’d like to offer kudos to Joshua Rosenau of Thoughts from Kansas, who has been carrying on a discussion about science and religion for the last couple of weeks (latest entry here) in which he’s staked out a moderate position, and defended it calmly and reasonably for far longer than I would’ve been able to. I would’ve snapped completely a couple of rounds ago, so Josh should be commended for keeping his temper.

So, thank you, Josh, for fighting the good fight, and doing a good job of it.