DonorsChoose: Now That’s a Noble Cause

We’re currently in the early stages of the annual DonorsChoose fundraiser, helping to raise money for educational projects. This is especially important in the current economic climate– even before things went south, many schools and classrooms were strapped for cash, but now it’s even worse.

But I can understand if that’s not a noble enough cause for you. Helping poor people isn’t enough for everyone. So here’s something to sweeten the deal: PETA doesn’t like DonorsChoose because some of the science classes seeking funds are looking for dissection equipment for biology classes. Janet gives a good rundown of the many reasons why this is stupid, but really, it doesn’t take a philosopher. They’re PETA, fer Chrissakes…

So, it’s a two-fer. Three-fer, actually– you can help kids in need, you can win an advance copy of my book (among other prizes), and you can thumb your nose at PETA. I can’t promise that they’ll suffer humiliations galore if you contribute, but I think this is enough to elevate DonorsChoose to the level of a Noble Cause.

So please contribute to my DonorsChoose challenge. I think I added at least one dissection-related project to the list, if you want to be specifically anti-PETA, but if you don’t see one, let me know, and I’ll add one.