Many Worlds, Many Comics

The Digital Cuttlefish looks at the Archie comics, and waxes poetic:

Two paths play out in a comic book,
When Archie walks down memory lane
“The road not taken” is the hook;
So now, the writers take a look
And re-write Archie’s life again,

This time with Betty as his bride;
Veronica the woman spurned,
Who once upon a time, with pride,
Was wed to Archie. Thus allied,
They lived while many seasons turned.

Why am I commenting on this, given that what little I know about Archie I learned from The Comics Curmudgeon and Chasing Amy? Because he goes on to talk about the Many-Worlds Interpretation of quantum physics, citing Emmy as a reference. The Cuttlefish, you see, won an advance copy of How to Teach Physics to Your Dog in the poetry contest.

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