DonorsChoose Poll: Big Incentives

This year’s DonorsChoose challenge has brought in a respectable $1,929 thus far, helping reach almost 1000 school kids. Thanks to all those who have donated thus far.

We’ve been stuck at that level for a little while now, though, so it doesn’t look like we’re going to match last year’s total of more than $6,000. Of course, last year’s gaudy number came about in large part because I agreed to dance like a monkey if the Challenge total broke $6,000. So, I suppose I really ought to sweeten the pot– a chance at winning books isn’t going to put us over the top.

I asked for suggestions a while back, and the one I liked best was Dr. Free-Ride’s suggestion of a physics puppet show. That may not feature enough humiliation to attract donors, though, so I have two other options to offer:

1) Dancing. The Monkey Dance thing was inexplicably popular, so one option would be to do some other sort of dance. I’m not sure what, exactly, but I’m sure somebody would have a good suggestion.

2) Singing. This is the usual complement to dancing, and is also not something I frequently do in public. So I could record myself singing something– most likely a relatively clean (“relatively” covers a lot of off-color ground) rugby song, because I can do those a capella– and post video of that.

And, of course, there’s the puppet show thing. I’m not really committed to any of these, so I’ll throw it open to a poll:

Choose only one. I’ll see what the results are, and then pick one of these options, and a dollar threshold sometime next week.

Or, you could just donate to one of the projects in my Challenge entry, without requiring silly antics as payment…