Sports and Music Poll: Super Bowl LIV

I’ve been up late all this week grading things, and I have lab all morning, so I’m not going to do any detailed blogging about subtle aspects of physics. So here’s something from the pop culture side: I was listening to Bill Simmons’s ESPN podcast with Chuck Klosterman yesterday, and at one point, they talk about the question of what modern act will be deemed sufficiently old and safe to play the Super Bowl halftime show. Klosterman has some amusing things to say, but this also seems like a perfect topic for a blog poll:

Klosterman, by the way, has a new book out (published by the same publisher who’s doing my book, which is both cool and weird), which is very dangerous for me– I like his stuff enough that his style starts to infect my own writing. So, if my posts start sounding like third-rate imitation Chuck Klosterman, well, sorry. It’ll pass.

If you’re not sure whether my posts are sounding like third-rate imitation Chuck Klosterman, ESPN has a sample chapter from the new book that you can read to see the authentic article.