DonorsChoose: The Final Days -or- You’ll Get Your Puppet Show

Last week, I promised to do a puppet show if my DonorsChoose challenge entry claimed more than 1% of the $200,000 that Hewlett-Packard is donating to this year’s Social Media Challenge. If you’re quick with arithmetic, you’ll see that the puppet-show threshold was $2,000.

The actual contribution was $4,064.70, more than double the threshold amount. Clearly, I needed to aim higher…

So, you’ll be getting a puppet show in the near-ish future. It’ll probably be a couple of weeks– I’m buried in work at the moment– but I have some ideas for what to do. It’ll be a little while before I have the time, and I also need to find some suitable puppets to be Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr.

The total for my Challenge now stands at $7,625, from 40 generous donors. Many thanks to all of you. This beats last year’s total by about $1,000.

If you contributed to the Challenge, you are eligible to win an advance copy of my book, which will be mailed to you pretty much as soon as they start rolling off the presses in late November. If you’d like to be in the random drawing, just forward a copy of your donation confirmation email to me at Your chances of winning are pretty good, as there aren’t many entrants yet. For that matter, if you haven’t contributed yet, and would like to, there’s still a bit more than a day left to make a donation, and enter the drawing… Any amount at all will qualify you for a chance to win.