More Early Reviews of How to Teach Physics to Your Dog

The official release date for How to Teach Physics to Your Dog is three weeks from tomorrow, but a couple of new reviews have been posted, one linkable, the other not so much. The linkable one is from one of our contest winners, Eric Goebelbecker, at Dog Spelled Forward (an excellent name for a dog-related […]

Thank You, Switzerland

It’s always nice to be reminded that the US is not the only country in the world prone to acts of petty and childish xenophobia. The last eight years have been especially rough, but between the Obama administration acting like adults and now this silly minaret ban, we no longer look like the most infantile […]

Links for 2009-11-30

On false dichotomies : Thoughts from Kansas “To the degree that I object to “New Atheism” (an ill-defined entity to which I am not entirely unsympathetic), my objection is to this precise aimlessness. By embracing Radical Honesty and railing against evidence-based communication strategy, they seem to be coming out against clearly stated goals, yet they […]

Links for 2009-11-29

For a Budding Fan, Basketball The Way It Ought to Be – “My older son, Gabe, turned 3 in May, and I knew this would be the season I would finally take him to his first basketball game. I wanted the experience to be fun, the start of what I hoped would be a […]

Links for 2009-11-28

Colliding Galaxies For Fun and For Science! : Starts With A Bang “Galaxy Zoo has developed an outstanding game where you can help astronomers by doing something that humans easily defeat computers at: visually matching galaxies to simulations!” (tags: science astronomy computing internet blogs starts-with-bang) Should You Get a Ph.D.? : Mike the Mad Biologist […]

51 Best Physics Blogs

A few other people got the same email I did, promoting a list of the 50 Best Physics Blogs put together by Accredited Online Colleges Dot Org. It’s a fine list, with one glaring problem: They didn’t include Matt Springer’s Built On Facts. As you can probably tell from its frequent tagging for the daily […]