DonorsChoose Wrap-Up

This year’s DonorsChoose Challenge entry came up just short of $8,000, at $7,976. Many thanks to everyone who donated.

As promised during the challenge, I will be giving away one advance copy of the book (either a real copy when they start printing in a few weeks, or a galley proof if you want one Right Now) to the largest individual donation, and one to a donor chosen at random from the set of donors who sent me email asking to be considered.

At present, the list of people who have asked to be part of the drawing is much smaller than the list of people who donated. So, I’ll hold off on the random drawing for another couple of days, to give everyone a fair chance to get in the pool.

If you contributed to my DonorsChoose challenge, and would like a shot at an advance copy of the book, send a copy of your donation confirmation to me at and I’ll enter you in the drawing. I’ll pick the winner on Wednesday night.