How to Teach Physics to Your Dog is a Real Book!

Look! How to Teach Physics to Your Dog is a real book:


Emmy says, very seriously, “You will buy a copy, won’t you?”

Of course, like everything else in this house, SteelyKid had to grab a copy:


She whipped through to the last page pretty fast:


Emmy says “What’d you think, human puppy?”

SteelyKid says “If I knew how to read, Daddy’s book would be my favorite book ever. People who can read should definitely buy it.”

You heard the kid and the dog…

14 thoughts on “How to Teach Physics to Your Dog is a Real Book!

  1. “I thought Emmy was whimpering “Why aren’t I on the cover? I did all the work.”

    If Emmy actually showed up for the book planning meetings the way she was supposed to, she’d be on the cover.

  2. It is pre-orderable from fine booksellers everywhere now, and immediately available in my living room and my publisher’s offices. It’s officially released on December 22, but may well show up in stores a little before then.

  3. If we should happen to blog about your book, is there any particular article of yours, or other ordering site, or whatever, which you would ideally want us to link to? (I want a clickable Emmy icon, dammit!)

  4. I would so love to give one of these to my dad for his birthday — it’s just his kind of book, I think! — but that’s on the 28th Dec and there’s no way a copy will make it to the UK by then, I don’t think. 🙁

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