Congratulations to Lauren Uroff and tcmJOE

During this year’s DonorsChoose fundraiser, I promised books as prizes to people who contributed to my challenge. Now that the finished books are ready, it’s time to congratulate the winners.

Lauren Uroff wins one copy for giving the largest individual donation of the people who forwarded me receipts (the largest overall contribution was from Hewlett Packard, but we’re not giving books away to faceless corporations). The person who posts as tcmJOE was the winner of the random drawing (the person has a real name, but I’m not sure it’s public. He also used an email address that may be a spam trap, and hasn’t responded to my request for a snail-mail address.). Congratulations to both of them.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” you say, “We were promised a puppet show. Where are the puppets?”

I dropped $50-ish on puppets just yesterday. Once I finish this last batch of grading, the puppet show is the next thing on my to-do list. You’ll get your puppets soon, have no fear.