Thank You, Switzerland

It’s always nice to be reminded that the US is not the only country in the world prone to acts of petty and childish xenophobia. The last eight years have been especially rough, but between the Obama administration acting like adults and now this silly minaret ban, we no longer look like the most infantile Western nation.

So, thanks, Switzerland. I’ll be sure to pick you up some chocolate later.

4 thoughts on “Thank You, Switzerland

  1. “Petty and xenophobic? Try building a church in Saudi Arabia or elsewhere in the muslim world…”

    Saudia Arabia has 30 million Muslims. My home country of Bangladesh has 150 million people, 90% of whom are Muslims and less than 1% of whom are Christians. Nevertheless, Christmas is an official government holiday. There are several churches all around the country. Please educate yourself a little more about the Muslim world – there is more to us than just Saudia Arabia.

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