How to Teach Physics to Other People’s Dogs

John Scalzi sends along photographic proof of How to Teach Physics to Your Dog working for a dog who isn’t Emmy:


This isn’t quite an “in the wild” shot, as it’s not at a store or a store-bought copy (John wrote a blurb for the book, so he got sent a copy), but we’re getting close. The official release date is just two weeks from today. It may well start showing up in stores before then (it’s not in the Barnes & Noble store in Colonie yet, though I swear I did not go in there just to check that…). You can, of course, order it from Amazon, as several people have obviously done already, since its sales rank is currently in the 33,000 range (I did just go there to check that).

In other news, I have a few appearances scheduled in the next few months:

Jan 30: I’ll be at the Book House in Stuyvesant Plaza at 2pm.

Feb 4th: I’ll be giving a talk at the University of Maryland, College Park. Time and room TBA.

March 5th: I’ll be at the Barnes & Noble in Vestal, NY at 7pm (Vestal being the closest big-box bookstore to my home town).

April 10: I’ll be on a panel at the Empire State Book Festival in Albany.

I’ll also be at Boskone in mid-February, and I’m giving an invited talk at the APS March Meeting in Portland, OR, but there are no book-specific events planned yet for either of those. I’ll post details here, and I’ll add an “appearances” section to in my copious spare time.

4 thoughts on “How to Teach Physics to Other People’s Dogs

  1. I received a wonderful package in the mail yesterday containing “How To Teach Physics To Your Dog”. My teenager tried to acquire it, but I prevented the theft.

    I start it as soon as I finish the current book!!!!

  2. I’d take and send some pictures of of my cats reading it, but
    a.) it isn’t out yet, and more importantly
    b.) cats are already masters at physics. But apparently not grammar as noted by the LOLCAT phenomena.

    David L.

  3. CATS? I’d think the material in the book would scare them half to death. Which would then allow you to do an experiment with them …

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