Quantum Zeno Effect: The Movie

It’s exactly one week to the release date for How to Teach Physics to Your Dog, and to celebrate, I’m setting off on an expedition to the local mall(s) in search of Christmas presents. May God have mercy on my soul…

Anyway, I wouldn’t want you to be without entertainment while I’m off helping the economy, so here’s another little video to mark the one-week anniversary. This one is the dog dialogue from Chapter 5, on the quantum Zeno effect, and while it doesn’t have puppets, it does feature some happy dog video, before settling down into still pictures and graphics:

We’re at the point, now, where the book may start to be sighted in the wild. I know I’m keeping an eye out for it on today’s shopping trip…

8 thoughts on “Quantum Zeno Effect: The Movie

  1. I just finished the chapter on the Quantum Zeno effect. So far, this book has been extremely enlightening and entertaining, sort of like peanut butter and chocolate!

    Or bunnies and squirrels!

  2. Thanks prof. Orzel, and Emmie. Good video. I also liked your Physics World article on a possible non-zero electric dipole moment for the electron. I now think I understand both concepts a bit better.

  3. I haven’t commented here much, but I’ve enjoyed this post, and your whole blog in general. I’ve added your book to my Amazon wishlist. Now to drop some very not-subtle hints for my husband along the lines of “Hey, I want that new book on my wishlist.” 🙂

  4. I have seen the book! It wasn’t in a bookstore, alas – it was in a librarian’s meeting at BT BOCES. Still, I have seen it.

  5. Awesome Book! Thank you ‘so’ much for giving great examples! I never became bored with the book. Great Job!

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