How to Teach Physics to Your… Lizard?

i-1e8ca3d6f1057cdc4f9532702467bc29-sm_cover_draft_atom.jpgNot much news on the book front this morning– various promotional things are in progress, including an on-campus thing tomorrow afternoon, but there’s nothing new to link to.

We do, however, have the first non-mammal added to the DogPhysics Pet Gallery: a lizard, sent in by Marcella McIntyre. It’s not actually a pet, per se, but it’s shown reading up on the Uncertainty Principle, so at least it has a healthy curiosity.

If you’ve got a copy of the book, and you have pets, send a picture of your pet(s) with the book to, and we’ll add it to the Gallery. And if there’s any news of note, you can be sure we’ll mention it here…

(#4624, in case you were wondering…)

4 thoughts on “How to Teach Physics to Your… Lizard?

  1. Man…she beat me to it. I was planning on heading to the bookstore next week to pick this up and send you shot with our Leopard Gecko.

  2. Jamie, your’s would be the first pet lizard. My picture is of one of the Green Anoles that get in my house run around a bit, doesn’t eat enough bugs, then die.

    BTW, I finally got to borrow the book from my dog and am throughly enjoying it. (I’d be reading it now but it’s kind of obviously not work related.) The explanation of the Uncertainty Principle is so good I think my mother (studied English and ed. pysch, not much formal work in the math heavy sciences) will understand it.

  3. I still plan to, assuming the local B&N has a copy on the shelf when I’m there next week. I just wanted to be the first to submit something that weird.

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