How to Teach Physics to Your Dog: Obsessive Update

i-1e8ca3d6f1057cdc4f9532702467bc29-sm_cover_draft_atom.jpgTwo new links for today’s Obsessive Update:

The sales rank, for those who care, continues to noodle around in the mid-four-digits, sometimes a little higher, sometimes a little lower. I can live with that.

I still haven’t seen it in a big-box store. The local chains either sold out, or have it on order and don’t know when it will arrive. This is more frustrating than it really ought to be…

One thought on “How to Teach Physics to Your Dog: Obsessive Update

  1. We found a copy on the shelf at the Harvard Bookstore, a local independent. That’s the one in the picture on your critter gallery. Amy was laughing as she posed for that, because she flipped open to the chapter on Schroedinger’s Cat, which seemed to make the cat rather suspicious.

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