A Message from the Chair

The message is: “I have a chair!”


SteelyKid’s new chair is a kid-sized black fake-leather armchair from Target. We originally set out looking for a kid-sized table and chair set that she could use to draw on, but the only ones on offer at Babysaurus were chintzy particle board things with Disney characters all over them, and we’re trying to limit our consumption of both of those. The armchair is kind of silly, but she was too cute climbing in and out of it for me not to buy it.

She’s talking more and more these days, and has started to pick up adult hand gestures. Here she is explaining to Kate (just out of the frame) about how we picked out the chair:


At least, that’s how I chose to interpret that particular impassioned speech. Neither Kate nor I understood a word of it, but she certainly meant whatever it was she was saying.

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